About the Artist

Robert E. O'Neill

Bob O'Neill truly has seawater in his veins. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, he was raised on Sullivan's Island, one of the barrier islands. 

The grandson of a lighthouse keeper, he enjoyed countless hours of gazing out to sea, high atop the North Island lighthouse.  As a young lad, Bob worked summers on shrimp boats, where he developed his fondness for sketching boats. This led to his many school and community art contest awards.

An Air Force career led him to Europe, where in 1964 he won the title of "Top Amateur Artist of France"; later lifes journey led him to the middle of the Nevada desert.  However, he kept in touch with the ocean, however, through his seascapes and many jaunts to the California coast.

In 1968, deciding to make Las Vegas his permanent home, the beauty or the majestic mountains and the evolving colors of the surrounding  desert had its tug on his artistic curiosity.  Which in turn, gave motivation to further his art education by attending "Old LYMNE Art Academy".  Painting elbow to elbow with such great artist as Len Tantillo and Christopher Blossom was one of the most rewarding experiences one can have.  Not to mention the help it gave in later paintings.

Returning home from Connecticut,m Bob became a member of American Society of Marine Artist (ASMA), which is officially connected to the worlds largest museum, The Smithsonian American Art Museum.  This experience has led to an invitation with one of Oregon's most prestigious art museums located at Coo's Bay.  Here, Bob has displayed and donated his work of art multiple times.

Throughout the many years in the Las Vegas Valley, his preference for one on one art instruction has expanded to include teaching classes at local art clubs and art galleries.  His works of landscapes and seascapes are displayed in galleries throughout the valley.  Having been a gallery artist for forty years, he has learned that the best way a beginning artist can learn the craft, is to paint with an experienced artist.  Bob is open to anyone desiring one on one instruction by calling (cell) 702-496-2955. (leave msg/your call will be returned asap) 


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